About DAF

Dynamic Alternative Finance is a subsidiary of Dynamic Funding Inc., a Colorado based, locally owned and operated, independent equipment leasing company. For nearly 20 years, Dynamic Funding, Inc. has been delivering customized commercial financing services to businesses throughout the U.S. as a full service lessor.

At Dynamic Alternative Finance, we’ve combined the deep experience in commercial financing from Dynamic Funding, Inc. with our expertise in cannabis and alternative industries to become the leading intermediary sourcing working capital for growing businesses. We use our existing relationships and referral business partners to find the funding you need to operate or expand your business.

We understand your need to protect your assets, your intellectual property and your working capital, which is why we focus solely on funding and let you focus on running your business.

As a company that aims to serve the needs of those in a new and often overlooked market, we bring the following core values with us to every relationship:

  • Integrity: We earn trust and respect every day.
  • Entrepreneurial: We have a passion and vision for new ideas.
  • Teamwork: We operate as a team and behave like a family.
  • Expertise: We are experts in the markets we serve.
  • Strong work ethic: We bring our “A” game every day.
  • Collaboration: We balance the interests of multiple parties.

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About DAF