Financing Your Cannabis Business Dream

With over 10 years serving the cannabis industry in the US and Canada, DAF is your go-to resource for every type of cannabis loan.

The cannabis industry is flourishing, expanding rapidly in countries and states where legislation permits its sale and use. However, the path to launching or expanding a cannabis business is riddled with unique challenges, not least of which is securing the necessary funding.

Whether you’re looking to start a dispensary, a cultivation operation, or another cannabis-related business, you need a financial partner who understands the intricacies of the industry. That’s where the concept of cannabis business loans comes into play.

Understanding Cannabis Business Loans

Cannabis business loans are specialized financing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and legal considerations of the cannabis industry. These loans can provide the crucial capital required for covering startup costs, expansion, equipment purchasing, or simply for operational cash flow.

Unfortunately, due to the federal legal status of cannabis in some regions, many traditional banks and financial institutions shy away from offering loans to businesses within the industry. But don’t be discouraged. Alternative financing options are available and more accessible than you might think.

Who Can Apply?

Cannabis entrepreneurs who operate in compliance with their local and state laws are eligible to apply for cannabis business loans. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dispensaries and retail stores
  • Cultivation facilities
  • Edibles producers
  • Extraction companies
  • Cannabis tech companies

Finding the Right Loan for Your Business

There are several types of loans that cannabis business owners can consider, including:

  1. Business Loans: These can range from short-term options to cover immediate expenses to long-term loans aimed at financing significant expansions or acquisitions.
  2. Equipment Financing: Specifically designed for the purchase or leasing of business equipment, this type of loan is perfect for those who need to invest in cultivation gear, POS systems, or security setups.
  3. Real Estate Loans: These are for purchasing (and building out) property, whether it’s for a retail storefront, a cultivation warehouse, or other real estate pertinent to your cannabis venture.
  4. Working Capital Loans: These loans offer a flexible financing solution to cover day-to-day operational costs, from payroll to marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in the potential of the cannabis industry and the entrepreneurs who are driving its growth. Our mission is to provide you with the best advice, resources, and financial solutions to make your cannabis business dream a reality. With our in-depth understanding of the industry and a network of flexible lenders, we are your partners in success.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you secure the funding you need to grow your cannabis business. Together, we can cultivate a brighter and greener future.

What Our Clients Say

Your success is our success

Situation: A team of operators in New Jersey needed funding to open a new retail store.

Solution: DAF facilitated an investment in one of the principal’s home equity, allowing him to leverage that cash without having a monthly payment.

Results: The team had the seed capital needed to get their new business up and running very quickly.

Jersey City, NJ

Situation: A  large publicly-traded company needed to refinance some high-interest debt to improve cash flow and fund expansion.

Solution: Dynamic Alternative Finance arranged a $25M real estate loan that allowed the company to significantly reduce their debt payments and free up some funds to fuel their aggressive growth plans.

Results: The group continues to add cultivation and retail locations all across the US.


Situation: A successful restaurant wanted to expand its two-store operation to 10 or more stores.

Solution: Debt-based financing without relinquishing equity or control.

Results: We reduced borrowing costs for the client from 32% to 14% annually. We arranged, through a syndication partner, a $2 million term loan for 12 months to help the company expand and open new stores, then secured a second loan for $1.3 million to allow the client to purchase new equipment.


Situation: The owner of this franchise had exhausted friends and family financing and wanted to leverage his balance sheet for expansion.

Solution: Private financing with a sale leaseback of existing equipment.

Results: We arranged a sale leaseback, taking title of the existing equipment and providing $279,000 in cash to the owner with an affordable monthly payment for the next three years at a repayment rate 14%.


Situation: A Massachusetts operator needed to move to a larger space to accommodate their needs. During the transition they realized they needed additional working capital. There was a 90-day period when they were unable to be open to for business, thus impacting cash flow. They were in need of a quick solution to tide them over until they could get up and running.

Solution: Dynamic Alternative Finance arranged a $250K bridge loan for the shop, which allowed them to cover the gap during their move to a new facility.

Results: The management team was able to successfully make the move and used the bridge loan to cover the gap until they could open again.


Situation: This leading technology provider was having trouble securing traditional funding despite outstanding financials over the company’s five years in business.

Solution: Private financing via a line of credit that did not dilute their equity.

Results: We helped the company acquire a $2 million line of credit at a mid-teens rate for one year. They are currently looking to expand the line to $5 million.


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