In today’s economy, many businesses

have trouble securing working capital

Working Capital Loans

We understand that in today’s regulatory climate, businesses need access to working capital, but banks and traditional lenders can make it difficult to access the funding needed to expand or start a business. Dynamic Alternative Finance is your solution.

Here’s how Dynamic Alternative Finance can help.

  • We are a one-stop solution for sourcing the funding you need so you can stay focused on your business
  • We help companies acquire working capital and other financing options
  • Preserve 100% of your equity with a working capital loan
  • Specializing in working capital loans of $250K and up

For smaller loans under $250K, our Canna Business Financing program provides working capital and available lines of credit for your business based on a personal guarantee. This is a great option for startups, or any company in need of capital to preserve equity and secure funding even if you are just getting started.  This product is available to anyone in any industry.

Each applicant can qualify for up to $200,000 and will receive a pre-qualification within 48 hours!

Credit Option – Revolving Line of Credit 

  • This is a series of revolving lines of credit with 0% interest for 12 to 18 months 
  • The borrower personally guarantees the lines of credit (business/personal) 
  • No collateral or financials are required 
  • Requires 700+ credit score, low debt utilization and owning a business 
  • Credit lines go into the business name and not on your personal credit report 
  • With a solid payment history, those credit lines amounts will quickly increase 

Cash Option – Term Loans 

  • This is a personal loan that you can qualify for based on personal tax returns 
  • Requires a 680+ score and low debt utilization and owning a business 
  • No collateral or business financials are needed 
  • Our term loan programs have rates between 6.9%-13.9% with 5-7 year repayment terms 
  • No prepayment penalty

DAF is proud to offer our Canna Business Financing program

The Small Business Financing Solution is a team of industry experts and experienced professionals who make it their mission to help entrepreneurs obtain the funding to grow their businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cannabis working capital loan?

A working capital loan is a debt facility designed to support business growth, often marketing, hiring, advertising etc.

How can working capital loans benefit my cannabis business?

It can provide the capital to support growth and expansion.

Are there specific requirements for obtaining a working capital loan for my cannabis business?

There are a few different structures, but generally speaking, the borrower/guarantor should have strong personal credit and up-to-date financial records.

Can I use a working capital loan to start a new cannabis business?

We do have start-up programs to use as seed capital for a new business.

Are working capital loans available for all types of cannabis businesses?

Yes, we have options for every industry vertical.

How quickly can I receive funds from a working capital loan?

Generally, loans of this nature take 1-2 weeks to close/fund.

What are the potential risks associated with cannabis business working capital loans?

No more than a business loan for any other industry.