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Situation: An equipment vendor needed financing for his customer. The vendor was going to lose the sale unless alternative financing was obtained.

Solution: An equipment finance agreement with a large down payment that compensated for the customer’s weak financial profile. The customer received an affordable monthly payment for the next two years.

Results: The vendor made the sale and is putting people to work in his factory. The customer is now maximizing their warehouse space with the new equipment.

Denver, Colorado

Situation: A Denver dispensary needed working capital to expand stores and increase market share. They were growing at a fast pace, and internally financing the expansion was affecting cash flow. They were looking for a short term working capital to fund their growth. They were also very sensitive to giving up equity in the business.

Solution: Dynamic Alternative Finance arranged $1.5 million working capital loan allowing the owners to take on debt without giving up equity.

Results: The group continues to add retail stores to its operation and successfully scale without giving up equity.


Situation: A successful recreational dispensary wanted to expand its two-store operation to 10 or more stores.

Solution: Debt-based financing without relinquishing equity or control.

Results: We reduced borrowing costs for the client from 32% to 18% annually, including weekly unsecured payments. We arranged, through a syndication partner, a $2 million term loan for 12 months to help the company expand and open new stores. A second loan for $1.3 million will allow the client to purchase new lighting to improve yield and reduce energy costs.


Situation: The owner of this franchise had exhausted friends and family financing and wanted to leverage his balance sheet for expansion.

Solution: Private financing with a sale leaseback of existing equipment.

Results: We arranged a sale leaseback, taking title of the existing equipment and providing $279,000 in cash to the owner with an affordable monthly payment for the next three years at a repayment rate 14%.


Situation: A Massachusetts operator needed to move to a larger space to accommodate their needs. During the transition they realized they needed additional working capital. There was a 90-day period when they were unable to be open to for business, thus impacting cash flow. They were in need of a quick solution to tide them over until they could get up and running.

Solution: Dynamic Alternative Finance arranged a $250K bridge loan for the shop, which allowed them to cover the gap during their move to a new facility.

Results: The management team was able to successfully make the move and used the bridge loan to cover the gap until they could open again.


Situation: This leading technology provider was having trouble securing traditional funding despite outstanding financials over the company’s five years in business.

Solution: Private financing via a line of credit that did not dilute their equity.

Results: We helped the company acquire a $2 million line of credit at a mid-teens rate for one year. They are currently looking to expand the line to $5 million.


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