Pin Based Debit Programs – A New Way of Cannabis Payment Processing 

Pin Based Debit Programs

If you are connected with the cannabis industry, chances are you are always looking for better ways to accept payments. It seems the industry is pushed back by two steps for every step forward.  A new way of cannabis payment processing is pin based debit programs. Federal Government regulations have pushed the industry towards an […]


Texas Could Have Marijuana Federal Legalization Reintroduced Bill.

marijuana federal legalizationmarijuana federal legalization

Texas Could Have Marijuana Federal Legalization Reintroduced Bill.   Texas cities and counties could choose to legalize adult-use marijuana if a bill recently reintroduced in that state’s legislature becomes law. While Texas does allow individuals with permission from a doctor to obtain CBD oil. The state has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the country. See […]


A new year brings new laws, rules for cannabis business social network

cannabis business social network

New rules for cannabis business: With the start of a new year cannabis business social network companies across the country. Are tweaking their business models to meet changing laws. Regulations that could affect sales and how they run their operations. Expanded delivery, new packaging, and labeling restrictions. As well as the introduction of loyalty programs […]


Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, would decriminalise marijuana at the federal level and provide states the freedom to enact their own marijuana regulations without fear of interference from Washington.     Senate leaders are introducing sweeping legislation Thursday meant to lift federal prohibitions. On marijuana more than […]


US senators raise heat on President Biden, demand marijuana reform

US senators raise heat on President Biden, demand marijuana reform: A group of U.S. senators is trying to increase pressure on the Biden administration to remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances. Act, citing earlier promises of marijuana reform. Six senators, including New Jersey’s Cory Booker, Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, and Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren. Asked the […]


Announcing Dynamic Alternative Finance

DYNAMIC ALTERNATIVE FINANCE LAUNCHES AS CAPITAL ARRANGER AND FINANCIAL ADVISOR FOR CANNABIS INDUSTRY Denver, CO — September 1, 2015 – Dynamic Alternative Finance (DAF) announces its formation and official launch as an independent capital arranger and financial advisor to alternative businesses, with a specific focus on the cannabis industry. The company helps marijuana business owners […]