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  • by Dynamic Alternate Finance
  • Dec 19, 2016
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At Dynamic Alternative Finance, we help business owners acquire the funding they need to expand and grow their business when traditional resources aren’t available. Most recently, we have helped businesses with expansion projects, inventory woes and final touches before opening. Read more about each below:

Cannabis Company Expansion $350,000

A vertically-integrated marijuana company wanted to expand past it’s 2 stores and grow operation without searching for equity capital. We were able to arrange a $350,000 deal in less than 3 weeks.

Marijuana Storefront Build-Out $350,000
A vertically-integrated cannabis company wanted to open a 4th store in the Denver area without diluting their equity. We were able to secure a $350,000 working capital loan for the build-out of their new location. They were drawn to the speed and flexibility of the lender, and the ability to obtain exceptions during the underwriting process.

Grower’s Working Capital $325,000
A wholesale adult-use cannabis grower in their first year of operation needed additional capital for marketing, equipment and supplies. Losing money, and unable to invest resources in raising equity capital, we were able to secure a $325,000 private money real estate loan using equity in the real estate and green house as collateral. This deal closed in a mere 10 days from the first call.




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