Texas Could Have Marijuana Federal Legalization Reintroduced Bill.

marijuana federal legalizationmarijuana federal legalization

Texas Could Have Marijuana Federal Legalization Reintroduced Bill.


Texas cities and counties could choose to legalize adult-use marijuana if a bill recently reintroduced in that state’s legislature becomes law.

While Texas does allow individuals with permission from a doctor to obtain CBD oil. The state has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the country.

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A new year brings new laws, rules for cannabis business social network

cannabis business social network

New rules for cannabis business:

With the start of a new year cannabis business social network companies across the country. Are tweaking their business models to meet changing laws. Regulations that could affect sales and how they run their operations.

Expanded delivery, new packaging, and labeling restrictions. As well as the introduction of loyalty programs and deep product discounts. Top some of the biggest regulatory shifts underway in 2023.

MJBizDaily explored how these changes will affect businesses in several states with legal marijuana markets, including California, Michigan, Oregon, and Utah, among others.

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2023 offers business opportunities in several new state cannabis marketing

cannabis marketing

2023 offers business opportunities in several new state cannabis marketing:

Opportunities in the U.S. Cannabis marketing industry continue to expand. Despite some notable setbacks in the November 2022 elections and continuing resistance at the federal level to marijuana reform.

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2023 Cannabis Industry Predictions

Cannabis Industry Predictions

2023 Cannabis Industry Predictions

Between a host of new cannabis industry inventions, the first-ever federally approved cannabis reforms bill. President Biden’s landmark step of pardoning all federal cannabis possession charges, and calling on governors around the U.S. To follow suit in 2022 was an important year for cannabis reforms and the growth of the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Industry Predictions

But despite these exciting successes and developments. The industry is ready to have an even more incredible year in 2023. So we asked a wide group of cannabis experts, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to weigh in with their predictions for the industry next year. This is the first instalment of our 2023 Cannabis Industry Predictions series. Scroll down for the reactions and predictions we received from cannabis retail, marketing and branding, CPG, and education specialists.

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Legalization cannabis industry win in Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin

Legalization cannabis industry

Legalization of  cannabis industry wins in Michigan.

Cannabis-related voter questions that appeared on local ballots fared well on Election Day.

Voters in two states decisively approved allowing the cannabis industry in their communities Tuesday, while voters in another declared their support for adult-use marijuana legalization.

Legalization cannabis industry

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Debt financing eclipses equity in US marijuana cultivation and retail funding

Debt financing eclipses equity in US marijuana cultivation and retail funding:

Capital raises in the U.S. marijuana cultivation and industry are down nearly 65% this year versus 2021. But lower stock prices and more creditworthy cannabis companies. This means debt financing is now the preferred method to raise funds for the first time in years.

marijuana cultivation

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Several state marijuana legalization initiatives could make fall ballot

Voters will decide whether to legalize commercial sales of adult-use marijuana in as many as five states. During the November midterm elections, medical cannabis could get on the ballot in Nebraska.

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